The Well Cementing Process Control System SKTsS-01 manufactured by Electrotech, Izhevsk, is intended for density, flow, pressure, and temperature logging during various operations involving injection of variable-density fluids.

The SKTsS-01 is used in the oil and gas industry for operations as follows:

• well cementing

• well workover

• remedial cement squeeze

• well kill

• well stimulation


The system is equipped with primary density and flow sensors of the Company's in-house development and manufacture.


A service computer application of the logging station named ETCservice.exe collects and records the data transmitted by the measuring tube and processes them in real time with solution of operational process tasks. In addition, the application forms cementing process databases, displays information as graphs and on the remote display, and warns whenever parameters go beyond the established limits.


Depending on technologies used, the logging stations can be supplied both as separate measuring tubes and as integrated in mobile systems.


The basic package of the SKTsS-01 includes a density meter, an electromagnetic flowmeter, a power supply unit, a laptop with a colour printer, a remote display, connecting cables and reel units, or a Wi-Fi signal transmission module.

There is a possibility of data transmission to the customer's remote server via a GPRS signal or a satellite connection, in which case a special version of server software will be supplied and the SKUTP-01 operator's software will be upgraded.













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