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The Company produces a Coriolis flowmeter line for process monitoring systems for various processes. A distinctive feature of our instruments is that they are able to operate in high-pressure lines. The reliable structure guarantees safety of sensor operation at up to 40 MPa (in special cases—up to 70 MPa).


The instrument is intended to measure the density, flow rate, and volume of the pumped fluid as well as the pressure and temperature in the line.


Model RV-V-30-122-01 DN30, stainless steel, U-shaped

It is optimal for chemical injections and the coiled tubing technology.



Model RV-V-50-112-01К DN50, stainless steel, weakly bent

It is the basic model for well cementing. It is resistant to abrasive action of the cement slurry. It can be used in all high-pressure technologies: bottom-hole treatment, well workover, hydrofracturing, and formation-pressure maintenance.



Model RV-V-50-122-01K DN50, stainless steel, U-shaped

It is a model with a high accuracy for high flow rates of aggressive liquids.






Technical specifications:
Flowmeter type
Measured minimum volume flow rate, qmin, m3/h  Measured transient volume flow rate, qt, m3/h
Measured maximum volume flow rate, qmax, m3/h
Weight, kg
Dimensions, no more than, mm
Pressure, max MPa
 RV-V-30-122-01K  0.6  6  60  38  650х530х200

 RV-V-50-112-01K   1.8  18  150  102  1710х200х340  40
 RV-V-50-122-01-K   1.8  18  90  86  950х810х250  40
 RV-S-50-116-01K  1.8  18  150  102  1710х200х340  70
 RV-V-75-115-03K   5.4  54  360  150  2120х517х207

 1.8  18  150(180)  150(80)  1648х352х245  105
Flowmeter REM  2  8  180  30  630х200х270  70

Flowmeters ensure a fluid density measuring range of 800 to 2,400 kg/m3.


Limits of the allowable absolute density measuring error do not exceed ±10 kg/m3.


Relative measuring errors of the volume flow and the volume within flow rates from qmax to qt are 1% or less, and those from qmin to qt are 2% or less.


Limits of the allowable relative pressure measuring error do not exceed ±1%.


The fluid temperature measuring range is minus 40 °С to + 80 °C without freezing of the measured medium in the sensor's measuring tubes.


Limits of the allowable absolute temperature measuring error do not exceed ±0.5 °C.


The flowmeter complies with the enclosure protection rating against dust and water ingress is IP54 as per GOST 14254-96.


The flowmeter is resistant to impact of an ambient temperature from minus 40ºС to plus 45ºС, relative humidity up to 95 % at a temperature up to 35 ºС, and at an atmospheric pressure of 84 to 106.7 kPa.